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Star Wars The Old Republic

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Join millions of fellow players in a galaxy far, far away in the world of Star Wars. Set in George Lucas’ world-famous universe, join either the dark side of the Sith Empire or The Galactic Republic and complete missions, defend enemies and explore the galaxy. Although players choose whether to join the Sith or the Republic, different players may possess a morality at any end of the light or dark end of the spectrum depending on their game play. The game boasted one million subscribers within three days of its launch in 2009, making it one of the world’s fastest growing MMOs ever. At the end of 2019 developer Electronic Arts announced that the game was close to reporting more than a billion US dollars in lifetime revenue, making it one of the highest grossing MMOs of all time. SWTOR Credits can be bought and exchanged for in-game unlocks to new planets, cosmetic items such as pets, armour and mounts as well as armour repair and crafting skills.


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